Eurocopter Shot peening 6-axis robot + 4 external axis
Eurocopter Shot peening 6-axis robot + 4 external axis

Shot peening is an important and often vital process in the aerospace industries. Originally done manually with a ball-peen hammer, shot peening today is a high-tech process to reduce all types of stresses, including tensile, compressive, and bending stresses, thus stabilising and increasing component life.

Röslers R&D programmes began with the ball-peen hammer and developed it into a wide range of equipment for controlled and monitored shot peening with Rösler"s robotic systems playing a major role.

Aero engine blades, discs, shafts and airframes are now all peened at some stage in their production cycle.

Engine blades during overhaul are often peened in order to re-induce compressive stress, thus considerably reducing the possibility of fatigue cracks when back in service.

  • Shot peening machine
  • Robot ABB 6 axis + turntable
  • 2 steel shot sizes
  • Spiral separator
  • Continuous sieving
  • Supervision system


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